Tango™ Class 1/Type 1 Sound Level Meter


The Tango™ sound level meter is a compact Class 1 sound level meter for workplace and environmental protection applications. Due to its intelligent software concept and its measuring range of 110 dB without switching to another range, Tango is very easy to operate despite its high functionality. Using Tango, even inexperienced users are immediately able to correctly measure and interpret the current sound level.

Tango’s permanently polarized 1/2″ microphone is automatically calibrated with a standard acoustic calibrator. The measured value is shown on a back-lighted high-contrast display and is readable even over larger distances in sunlight or in darkness. The clearly arranged keyboard has a perceptible keystroke. Being based on state-of-the-art circuit technology, Tango has an extremely low power consumption. Two batteries (1.2 … 1.5 V, size AA) guarantee an operation time of 120 h and a storage time of 10 years (for lithium batteries). Therefore Tango is practically always ready for use.